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Rosanna R.

I started my journey with Maria a few months back when I decided to have my eyebrows tattooed.  Her salon is very warm, clean and welcoming. Not only did she make me feel comfortable and calm during my consultation but provided the highest level of expertise and professionalism and has a fantastic personality to go with that as well.

I absolutely love my eyebrows.  I was so happy with the outcome that I decided to  continue  to look into other services she had to offer. I recently started Dermatude Meta Therapy,  I am still going through the treatments and so far I’m very happy with the results.

I can confidently recommend Maria to anyone considering eyebrow restoration or any other services she has to offer. 

Schedule a consultation with her and experience professionalism at its best.


1. Does getting cosmetic tattooing hurt?

You can expect minimal, short-term discomfort at the beginning of the procedure while the anesthetics are taking effect.  The area to be tattooed will be frozen very quickly and you should not feel any discomfort for the duration of the procedure.  Anesthetics used are completely safe, and of the highest quality available. 



2. How do you control cross contamination?

Every measure that exists is taken to keep the studio sterile.  After each and every client, all surfaces, instruments, and objects used are thoroughly disinfected and new barrier films are applied, all PPE (personal protective equipment) is disposed of, and needles – always one-time use only – are safely discarded in a Sharps container. 

3. What is the recovery time/aftercare routine for cosmetic tattoo procedures?

Generally, the recovery time is 7-10 days.  This can vary depending on the procedure and individual circumstances.  Clients are sent home with some healing balm and instructions.  It would not be advisable to have a procedure done right before a sunny vacation (freshly tattooed areas need to be shielded from sun exposure) or a special event (makeup is to be avoided during the healing period).  There is very little downtime, but 1-2 days at home may be in order. 

4. Is a generic eyebrow stencil used on eyebrow clients?

No!  Every individual’s face is unique.  Proposed eyebrow designs are measured and mapped out according to each person’s individual features.  No permanent colour is applied until the client is satisfied with the proposed shape.

5. How should I prepare for my appointment?

Plan to arrive on time for your appointment with no makeup on.  Make sure you have gone to the bathroom and had a snack as sessions can run up to two hours.  Please note that cell phones must be silenced and no guests may accompany you into the treatment room (exceptions may be made for nipple/areola restoration appointments).  You may bring water, but no food.  Please be ready to pay by cash or debit. 

6. What is your policy re: missed/cancelled appointments?

All clients must pay a $100 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking.  This deposit is applied to the final cost of your treatment.  If the appointment is cancelled or missed, the $100 deposit is forfeited. 

7. Is an online certification for micropigmentation/skin rejuvenation valid?

This is a subjective issue.  It is important to keep in mind that you are considering having a procedure done on your face.  The only face you have, the face you show the world.  You need to decide whether you are comfortable leaving that kind of responsibility in the hands of a technician who learned their technique through a computer monitor, or ensuring that your technician received theoretical training in person with the chance to work and practice on live models.  So while exclusively online certification is not invalid, given the delicate nature of this work, there are many important factors that need to be seriously considered.

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